Bekim Sejranović

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Bekim Sejranović (1972–2020) was a member of the writers’ associations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, and Norway. In 2009, he was awarded the Meša Selimovic Prize for the best new novel from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro for Nigdje, niotkuda (From Nowhere to Nowhere). In 2011, he was screenplay writer for Japanese director Moku Teraoka’s documentary From Tokyo to the Morava River - A Japanese Meets the Balkans. He lived in Ljubljana from 2011–14, and then lived and worked in Zagreb from 2015 until his untimely death in May 2020. His short story A Happy Ending appeared in McSweeney's; this is his first novel to appear in English. 


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From Nowhere to Nowhere

Language: English Author: Bekim Sejranović Publisher: Sandorf

Bekim Sejranovic's From Nowhere to Nowhere is a subtle yet unforgettable meditation on the factors that shape identity.