Project Partners




CulturePolis is a Civil Society Organization based in Corfu Island, Greece, since 2006 which aims to highlight, promote, and sustainably manage cultural heritage, especially in Corfu. It is also active in the promotion of arts and cultural and creative entrepreneurship, in the development of intercultural dialogue as well as awareness raising and training of stakeholders on sustainability and social innovation. CulturePolis achieves these ambitious goals mainly through national, European, and international competitive funding programs. It mainly operates in Europe, the Balkans, and the Mediterranean Basin and participates in international networks while being at the same time a hosting structure for specialized initiatives and in this context created in 2020 the "Centre of Greek and Arabic Literature and Culture - K.EL.A.L.P.".

iTStudy Hungary

iTStudy Hungary Educational and Research Centre for Information and Technology Ltd. has been working for more than twenty years in vocational and adult education, it is an accredited Hungarian Adult Educational Institute.

The main profile of the company covers:

  • IT certifications and trainings in adult and vocational education;
  • web-based developments (web applications for supporting online collaboration, eLearning solutions);
  • developments of curricula and online educational contents.

As its main activity, iTStudy is delivering online courses for teachers on the educational use of ICT and also for adults on using networking tools, social media in their business and in their private life.

Research areas of the company are: technology-enhanced learning (TEL), new learning/teaching paradigm of the information society, networked learning and connectivism. 

iTStudy has wide national and European professional partnership, it collaborates with several research and educational institutes and industrial partners from the IT sector, and it has several years long experience in coordinating national and European projects.

Hellenic Foundation for Culture

The Hellenic Foundation for Culture was established in 1992 and is based in Athens, Greece. Its main objective is to promote Greek culture and language throughout the world.

To fulfill its aim, the center oorganizes cultural events such as exhibitions, concerts, theatre performances, festivals, online actions, screenings, lectures and discussions, in co-operation with other cultural and educational institutions. It participates in European and international anniversaries as well as theatre, cinema and music weeks.

Moreover, it co-operates with Greek Studies university departments, Greek language schools, embassies, cultural centers, museums and libraries in a global level. The Hellenic Foundation for Culture has founded branches in Odessa, Alexandria and Berlin. It also operates offices or centers in London, Vienna, Brussels, Washington, Trieste, Belgrade, Bucharest, Tirana, Sofia and Melbourne. 

Last but not least, the HFC heads the Greek network of the Anna Lindh Foundation for Euro-Mediterranean Partnership and Dialogue between Cultures, and is a member of the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC).

A.B. Institute of Entrepreneurship Development Ltd. 

A.B. Institute of Entrepreneurship Development Ltd. is the result of a 15 years old operation of the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED)—an organization committed to the promotion of innovation and the enhancement of entrepreneurial spirit. 

A.B. Institute of Entrepreneurship Development Ltd. was established with the aim to support businesses, combining management consulting with technological tools. It brings deep and functional expertise, offering workforce solutions that ensure business’ progress. 

The market’s needs are constantly changing while A.B. Institute of Entrepreneurship Development Ltd. continually seeks new and innovative ways to serve them. Subsequently, it accomplishes the development of workforce skills, operational improvement, and application of new working methods which assist in increasing business capabilities. 

The company focuses on delivering practical & sustainable results by providing high-quality technical services. It delivers market-leading solutions utilizing its experience and the most sophisticated product, capabilities, methods, and tools across diverse industries and markets. 

A.B. Institute of Entrepreneurship Development Ltd. orients its operation towards

  • entrepreneurship,
  • consulting,
  • training,
  • assessment,
  • benchmarking,
  • risk management,
  • human resources,
  • marketing.

The company is in a position to identify and evaluate businesses and technical requirements from diverse sectors (industry, engineering, agriculture, public services, etc.), with diverse sizes and statuses (SME’s, startups, leading companies). The company provides practical solutions and advice to businesses through online products and services: 

  • strategy planning of business development, 
  • market research and development.

At A.B. Institute of Entrepreneurship Development Ltd., the primary aim is to help clients identify their specific needs, develop target strategies & action plans & actions to sustain business success. The services are custom-designed to boost productivity, communication, efficiency, growth, and success. The established network of partnerships over the years ensures the delivery of end-to-end solutions.

Sandorf Publishing

Sandorf Publishing was founded as Sandorf Publishing and Literary Agency in 2007. The company was started by Ivan Sršen, a graduated linguist and a historian with almost a decade of previous editorial experience behind him, who has edited a number of fiction and non-fiction books for different Croatian publishers.

Sandorf is an award-winning independent publisher and the first professional literary agency in these parts for representing authors abroad. The yearly publishing plan consists of twenty-five titles in fiction and non-fiction in humanities spectre, in areas of cultural and literary theory, philosophy, history, art and popular culture.

The overall aim of Sandorf is to raise the frequency of cultural/literature events in Croatia and maximize the international networking of writers, poets and other participants of creative process in publishing and literature in general.

Sandorf is constantly engaged in various cultural activities and projects (Ulysses' Shelter, LitLink Festival).

The interest of Sandorf's publishing section is literature, cultural and literary theory, history, art and popular culture.

The Slovene Writers’ Association

The Slovene Writers’ Association (SWA) is a voluntary, independent and non-profit organization that serves the professional, social and cultural interests of Slovene writers.

The activities of the Association encompass the entire Slovenian cultural space, regardless of state borders.

The SWA strives to ensure creative freedom, the best possible status of Slovene books and the promotion of writers.

With important international literary programmes, producing and publishing activities, it is the most active organization and the center of literary activity in Slovenia. International activities are focused on maintaining contacts and exchanging programmes with literary centres, writers’ societies and cultural institutions.