Here we publish each result achieved within the project,
freely available for those who are interested.

kutatás, felmérés

Result 1 - Research Report

The READ-IN-CLUB Research Report presents research on topics related to the value of literature for intercultural dialogue, equity, diversity, and inclusion as well as the potentials of reading clubs for the development of adults.

Result 2 - Seminars and Training Course

The Virtual Training Seminars for «Lit.Mentors» is a core output for RIC project and is dedicated to fulfill the need of an innovative and digital educational approach, which attempts to integrate in the reading communities’ context the cultural, social and education dimensions of literature for

Result 3 - ReadInClub#Digital

Result 3 is the design, development, testing and implementation of the unique multilingual website,

Result 4 - Read-In-Club E-manual

The e-manual developed in this phase provides assistance to potential reading circle coordinators/members for exploiting READ-IN-CLUB products, tools and materials in the best possible way.