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There are few creators who have entered the public space with such élan, who have been so convincing and confident, yet without the slightest bombast, as the surgeon Veronika Dintinjana (1977). Prior to the publication of her book debut, she was selected “best author” of the Urška Youth Literature Festival in 2002. In 2008, when her book debut, Yellow Burning Bushes of Forsythia, appeared, she became a veritable knight of a poetry tournament, also winning the 6th Ljubljana Poetry Slam. At the 24th Slovenian Book Fair, she received the award for the best book debut of the year. It is in this spirit that Veronica Dintinjana has continued her creative career. For her second book of poetry, In Dry Dock (2016), she received the Jenko Prize, and the book was also nominated for the Veronika Prize and for the “best book of the year” chosen by Slovenian literary critics. Veronika Dintinjana has also established herself as a translator of poetry. Her translation oeuvre consists mainly, but not exclusively, of works by female authors. She translated Ursula K. Le Guin’s essay collection Dancing at the Edge of the World, and she contributed to the anthology of contemporary Irish poetry The Wonderful Mouth. Her translations include a selection of poems by Louise Glück, Denise Levertov (in collaboration with Mia Dintinjana), and a collection of posthumously and previously unpublished poems by Pablo Neruda (in collaboration with Christi Dintinjana).

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Gelb brennt der Forsythienstrauch

Language: German Author: Veronika Dintinjana Publisher: Društvo slovenskih pisateljev / Slovene Writers' Association

Yellow Burning Bushes of Forsythia (D: Gelb brennt der Forsythienstrauch, 2020; SI: Rumeno gori grm forzicij, 2008), Veronika Dintinjana’s f